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commision info:

QUEUE (5 persons is limit)
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Name: (Deviant ID)
e-mail: (your PayPal email)
technical descriptions: ( 1 portrait speed paint, 2 full body character with simple/complex background etc.) see below
character descriptions: ( bald, 3 eyes doing circus, etc.)
references url: (if you have)
deadline: (please be reasonable, like 3 days or a week)
size: (in pixels or cm, with dpi. if you didn't tell the size  the commision will be worked on a4 300 dpi by default)

$30 speed paint for portrait of heads or tits or butts with simple background
woop woop woop by unded luffy derp monkey by unded troll by unded fak yuo by unded old by unded


$70 3/4 to full body drawings with simple background (+$20 with complex background)
the man with the dragon moustache by unded falkor redesigned by unded a spagnostic pastafarian by unded tripped by unded


$90 for illustrations or more than one 3/4 or full-body character in a commision (price increases with complexity of the illustration)
his last nucular winter by unded moose god by unded tribal santa by unded getter robo G by unded god of fecal matter by unded a flippin' tree by unded thief by unded



1. the fee must be paid half when i'm accepting the commision, and the other half of the fee must be paid at least 3 days (72 hours) after the commision is delivered. if you failed, the commision will be dropped
2. i'd like to draw porn stuffs, but i can't, so i don't do them
3. no hate speech drawings
4. maximum 3 revisions for each commision
5. please fill the forms or the request will be ignored
6. every commision is only for personal use. do not use it for any commercial use
7. commision will be worked based on the queue
8. i have the right to publish the commision as my portfolio
9. if you didn't tell me what is the size of the commision, i will do it on a4 300 dpi
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fadlimr Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
salam kenal, bisa kah saya beli salah satu desain anda ?
unded Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014   Digital Artist
halo, mau beli yang mana ya? :)
fadlimr Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
yang sangkuriang gan. saya mau buka usaha kaos dan kami tertarik desain itu karena sesuai dgn konsep kami. kmi berniat untuk beli desainnya serta hak ciptanya (kalau sdah pernah d daftarkan k dirjen haki)
unded Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014   Digital Artist
halo, maaf baru balas, emang belakangan ini udah jarang buka deviantart. file aslinya saya masih belum ketemu, kalau mau saya gambar lagi aja gimana, dengan kualitas yang lebih baik? :)
PHOTONGHOST Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
This makes me wish I had money :(
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February 1, 2014


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